Monday, November 29, 2010

CCIE Recruitment and Placement

The CCIE community for years before the beginning of the CCIE Agent’s efforts was treated with little regards or respect.  In fact back in 2007 and 2008 the salary surveys were underreporting CCIE salaries because little contact was actually being made with most of them.  There was a demand for them which had been building, yet wages, quality of life, training and incentives were treated as if the CCIE was no different than a Microsoft professional. 

There was a healthier economy for one thing and recruiters could focus on harvesting whatever low hanging fruit was out there.  So they chose to recruit what was easiest to place in IT, developers, database and server admins and any flavor the client asked for in any given week.  Like some lowland gorillas lulling in the sun they got lazy.  Then the economy started to change and the job of recruitment became hard work.  The IT jobs began to dry up and with this change came the knowledge that some companies like Cisco were still making a profit.  As many of the small and large shops began to die CCIE Agent™, Ltd experienced a time of growth. 
Sourcing and recruiting CCIEs seems to have become a fad these days and with that fad comes a string of companies trying to shift their focus to the requirement that existed all along right under their noses.  Yet knowing how to spell CCIE and knowing CCIEs are two very different things.  The need for help in educating the highest demand sector for networking professionals became a priority for the CCIE Agent™ team.  This is why the journey began for Eman the CCIE Agent™. 

The history is fun and has been quite a ride for the best known recruiter in the world.
Back in 2007 when the first CCIE Agent™ initiatives began they followed on the heels of the single minded focus Eman brought to his newly found profession, recruiting.  Recruiting was an incidental need in previous management roles so he had learned the ins and outs of IT recruiting as the demand fluctuated from season to season.  But there was a reoccurring discussion coming from his clients about network engineers and the need to provide these professionals to them for projects and to join their staffs.  As the TAC manager for Bell Atlantic Eman had helped develop and hire one of the largest pools of CCIEs in the early days of the program.  Since there was no organized training easily available he helped his team develop a lab and a mentoring program.  This became a very successful program within the organization and many of the company’s network and telecomm engineers were lining up to use the lab and to connect with a mentor.

It was no stretch to return to that CCIE focus. 
With a history that started with the Top Gun program and the new CCIE program back in the 1990s it was a simple task to see that the CCIE community was under-represented and poorly regarded.  So Eman began to help the CCIE community with the first CCIE salary survey that was responded to directly by CCIEs from around the world.  His suspicion was that wages were under reported and might be depressing the offers CCIEs were receiving.  Previous surveys at the time claimed $108k as the average salary.  Yet offers in the Eastern USA were commonly much higher.  So after the CCIE Agent survey was completed Eman published the figures and discovered that in the USA the average was $120k, a vast difference from the surveys that used hiring managers and HR representatives for the details.

The CCIE Flyer was launched in 2008 and grew to become the largest single effort to provide CCIE information to the community and those interested in retaining CCIEs.  The new focus and announcement that an agent was available to the CCIE, one who did not function as a recruiter stirred interest from many sectors.  It was about this time that Cisco started an effort to provide the Channel Partner resellers with sources for hiring talent to assist in their growth.  There are many companies that do recruitment and the typical tactics included poaching and bait-and-switch techniques which left many resellers in need of help.  The Strategic Recruitment Program (SRS) was developed by a new team at Cisco.

The SRS program rules were simple; provide the best in-class recruiting firms to the Channel Partners while ensuring quality and integrity.  The highest demand for CCIEs come from the Cisco Channel Partners so it was logical to try and secure the services of the best known and only recruiter solely focused on CCIE staffing.  The CCIE Agent was asked to consider the new initiative.  Eman was asked to do two things to begin with;

1-start recruiting CCIEs for the Cisco reseller community only

2-no more poaching CCIEs from one channel to another
What this meant was Eman had to give up clients that were not supporting the sales of Cisco solutions and that he would not Actively Recruit out of the channels.

No Brainer!
The salary survey taught the CCIE Agent a couple of things and the most significant was that the Channel Partners paid the best average wages of all companies interested in hiring CCIEs.  It was not a hard decision and the CCIE Agent became one of the first to be inducted into the SRS program.  It became evident that the Channels also needed help to understand the unique requirements of CCIEs professionally and educationally.  The CCIE Agent presentations began in locations such as Atlanta, Dubai, Cape Town, London, San Jose, Zurich, Brussels, Cairo, Athens, NYC, Johannesburg and Toronto.  The Channel Partners needed help and it soon became apparent that CCIEs also needed support beyond the typical body shop mentality.  The fact that anyone would risk focusing so keenly on the careers of CCIEs was registered as a bold step and accepted broadly by the reseller community.  The CCIE now had a voice to help them by educating the highest demand sector seeking them out.

PEP, not just talk but results!
What has evolved from this growth for the CCIE Agent, LTD team is a new concept to further enhance the integration and CCIE hiring efforts for Eman and his team?  Partner Enablement Program (PEP) has become the product for CCIE Agent, LTD.  It is now being rolled out in countries like India, Africa and the Middle East.  PEP is composed of several aspects which are targeted to help emerging markets and Channel Partners that are focused on growing.

Training – Not just Network Engineer certifications but CSM and specialized training required for reseller certifications.  Eman has worked to support the Cisco Authorized training providers as they distinguish themselves from the Grey Market.  Now he is organizing those same training companies to offer reduced rate and specialized offerings specific to the needs of Channel Partners.  While Grey Market training companies are trying to offer recruiting as they poach from the ranks of their students and clients, authorized support for channels is growing.

White Label – Not just contractors but dedicated resources that can support the Channel Partner as an integral part of their team.  These dedicated resources will help the Channels achieve success in delivering solutions to clients and in supporting their efforts to gain Silver and Gold certification.  Available as Consultants, Contract-to-Perm or Temp-to-Perm these CCIEs will soften the blow to the bottom line while earning their place on the team.

Staffing – Not just CCIE anymore!  While Eman remains focused on the CCIE demand his team is now helping the Channel Partners with the growing demand behind the need for CCIEs.  Sales, Presales, Telecomm professionals, Virtualization, Storage, Data Center, IT Professionals and the rest of the Channel Partner’s unique requirements that equip them for success.

New Offices
CCIE Agent, Ltd now has offices and representatives in the USA, UAE, India and UK with more coming soon.  The virtual nature of recruitment has caused it to lose the personal touch many organizations and candidates need.  Eman has traveled the world and held CCIE mixers, attends Cisco Live and GITEX as methods for remaining a real person in the lives of many of his clients and the CCIE community.  The fact is many people do not trust the social media alone to support their careers.  So the demand for real people to help them as they grow is now being satisfied by a real presence.

What’s next?
What do CCIEs need?  You can count on Eman to grow not just with the demand but with the CCIE community’s changes.  The demand of Channel Partners is driven by solutions and their changes.  The demand for the CCIE Agent is driven by his advocacy for CCIE careers!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Narbik Kocharians Boot Camp 2.0 Workbooks Nearing Release

Narbik is about to finish his Boot Camp 2.0 Workbook, which is BY FAR the BEST according to him that he has ever done till todate.

This week he and his team have just finished their CCIE Security 3.0 workbooks, once again using the same method and on the same philosophy.
Narbik told me that he has NEVER been this EXCITED about books which of course refers to the Boot Camp 2.0 workbooks that he is on the verge of completing.
So what's the price for these great books? USD $ 450 for new students and USD $ 175 for old students. The Security workbooks are USD $ 350.00.
Tune in for more updates as they come ...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Narbik and Scott CIERS-12 Day Boot Camp Dates

Narbik and Scott CIERS-12 Day Boot Camp Dates

As we have been reviewing the dates and our abilities to travel to these locations we have arrived at a semi-final agreement on locations.  Scott and Narbik will be traveling as follows;

Bangalore India – January 17 – 28, 2011
Milton Keynes, UK – April 11 – 22, 2011
Wilmington, DE USA – July 18 – 29, 2011
Dubai, UAE – October 17 – 28, 2011
Sydney, Australia - January 2012

What you can expect is the best CCIE R&S boot camp offered anywhere for any price.  You pay $4,500 for 12 days of lectures, training, labs and mentoring from the two TOP GUNS of CCIE training.  For details on the classes please send an email to


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Narbik, Scott and Eman

A CCIE Flyer Exclusive
Today was a real busy day for me. I drove to visit with Narbik at one of his CCIE Boot Camps he was teaching in Herndon, VA. Since I was driving so far to see him I asked our mutual friend Scott Morris to join us for lunch. I am amazed at how the fifteen students in Narbik’s class responded to Scott dropping by to say hello. He is still held in awe by many neophyte CCIEs and some well established CCIEs around the world. Both Scott and Narbik have paid their dues as CCIE trainers and mentors. Both have made their mark on the CCIE community by giving freely of their time to motivate, mentor and improve the arena as a whole. For me sitting with the two of them was a treat because I have known them both for so long and only at the CCIE party this past Cisco Live have I had the pleasure of their company together.

Big Plans
As we chatted we finalized some of the preliminary planning for a series of quarterly training events. Beginning in January I am proud to announce that the CCIE Flyer has brought both Narbik and Scott together for twelve day CCIE R&S Boot Camps. It’s true they will both conduct the same classes together splitting time on the podium. Both of these guys are responsible for motivating, training and guiding so many CCIEs along their journeys and careers that this partnering of giants is big news. Twelve days of career building, life changing, inspiring CCIE training like none ever offered before is being made available to you through the CCIE Flyer.

Bangalore is our first stop for the dynamic duo. January 2011 Narbik and Scott will hold the first of these historic twelve day sessions. This will be followed by Sydney, Australia in April, Milton Keynes, UK in July and finally Wilmington, Delaware in October. These twelve day comprehensive classes will equip aspiring CCIEs for success.

How Much?
You pay only, $4,500 for both Narbik and Scott, for twelve days of learning unavailable from any other source, anywhere in the world. There may be other twelve day or longer classes offered but none have these two dynamos taking the lead. You might pay more and you might now find lower priced venues, but the CCIE Flyer has both Narbik and Scott.

You want more? Well how about the chance to pay nothing for the second attempt at the lab if you fail the first attempt after taking this class? Yup, both are Cisco 360 Learning trainers. So you get the added insurance of knowing you are joined on your journey by Cisco Systems approved trainers. The two weeks of training will also have a few surprises after class activities and career networking opportunities.
For more information send an email to me and I will be happy to share more details as the planning is finalized!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cisco Live – Viva Las Vegas

Cisco Live – Viva Las Vegas
On Wednesday June 30, 2010 the Elvis Presley commemorative Epiphone J-200 guitar will be given away at the MicroTech booth #2234.  The great folks at MicroTech have invited Eman to join them at Cisco Live on the Expo floor to award the Elvis Presley guitar to one lucky CCIE.  The guitar is featured in this album cover for Viva Las Vegas.  This is going to be a great souvenir for one lucky CCIE.  To hear the guitar click on:
We are going to have some fun giving this instrument away and it is a piece of history given the significance of the legend it honors!
See you in Vegas!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA Job Online Scam!!!


There is a scam on the internet perpetrated by USAJOBONLINE a company that is claiming to represent Emmanuel Conde in searching for CCIEs for his clients. This is a scam of the worst order and I am posting this to inform you all the USAJOBONLINE.COM is an unscrupulous organization that misrepresents itself as a means for people to find work in the USA. They are liars and identity thieves. If you do send them your resume you will have your identity stolen and your hopes hung on the worst kind of scam that is taking advantage of people during their most vulnerable time, when they are in need of a job! So if you really do want to contact Emmanuel Conde the CCIE Agent his email address is!



Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dhaka CCIE Expo

Dhaka CCIE Expo
Oct 25 – 29 2010
Along the banks of the Buriganga River Dhaka is a bustling hive of technology and business in Bangladesh.  Described as a MegaCity it is one of the major cities of South Asia.  Dhaka is the location of the CCIE Flyer’s first Asian CCIE Expo.  On October 25th – 29th 2010 the Fantastic Four of CCIE training will arrive in Bangladesh brining three simultaneous CCIE boot camp tracks for the first Asian CCIE Expo. 

The Dhaka CCIE Expo will feature:
Narbik Kocharians teaching his special and very successful Routing and Switching Boot Camp

Paul Negron teaching his very highly regarded Service Provider Boot Camp

Piotr Matusiak teaching his extremely successful Security Boot Camp

Eman Conde CCIE Agent™ known to many CCIEs around the world will play ring master to an historic and memorable week of training and networking
The first people to sign up for each of these three tracks will be hosted at a private dinner with the instructor for each track to discuss your professional goals and interests.  The first five to sign up for each of the tracks will be hosted by Eman for dinner one evening each during this event.  So hurry and get registered to enjoy this special honor.
Networking is so important for your career and this is a great way to build your network and to prepare for the most prestigious IT certification in the world.  The Fantastic Four of CCIE training will help enhance your career in many ways.
If you are interested in signing up please send an email to
Prices for early sign-ups begin at $1,700 for R&S and SP and for Security $1,999!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CCIE Lab Fees Reduced

CCIE Lab Fees Reduced

From Eman of CCIE Flyer :-)

There are times that news is just too important to hold off on writing about it until the next release of the CCIE Flyer. Well this is one of those times! I have been monitoring some of the on-line forums and twitter etc…and I have heard that Cisco is going to lower the fee to $1,000 from $1,400 for the lab! Wow this is great and congratulations Cisco for doing this. I saw recently that the declining numbers in the CCIE population have caused the post on these numbers te be removed. This was a shock to me because I was putting together a presentation for Western European emerging markets I am delivering in two weeks. As I searched for the details from the normal site O realized it was no longer there. So I am concerned that maybe someone decided to stop posting bad news. Well the good news is that in other emerging markets the populations numbers are still slowly growing. So there American fat cats take that! (I did take a look at my scales before making that comment by BTW and sadly yes I am a fat cat here in the USA to)

I digress

The point is that I just today received an email from an aspiring dual CCIE from Africa. This engineer had to sell his TV and entertainment systems to pay for a lab. Taking this guy’s money was like stealing candy from a baby. I urge he gets it back but the system works as it does and I have no real influence, but you do. You the CCIEs and Cisco engineers out there in the world can wag the dog. You are a mighty big dog that influences the purchasing decisions of corporations that influence commerce around the world. You the lowly Cisco network engineers. It seems some of you have been heard because I hev heard it through the grapevine that Cisco is lowering the price for the CCIE labs to $1,000. This is a great next step after the Waiver and the Core Knowledge Questions (OEQs) have passed into history.

Kudos, Props and Thanks

Really. I was so excited I had a Margarita with lunch. Kudos Learning at Cisco, Props management teams that took this challenge on and Thanks to the rest of you who made this possible. I have even read that this was going to be announced at Cisco Live in June. Wow, it’s only May and we are talking about it already.

CCIE Population Numbers

At a time when the numbers are on the decline and published and unpublished efforts have been made to keep the certifications pure this is a great move. Hello, I am a recruiter and given bodies to recruit I get all pimply and excited. So getting the numbers up using an equation that includes discounts is a recipe for success.

So let’s all look forward to the announcement in June at Cisco Live – Networkers. See you there!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nemours CCIE Expo

The price of CCIE Boot Camps is coming down and we are leading the charge with pricing that is affordable and taught by the best of the best. In Wilmington, DE just 20 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport the CCIE Flyer CCIE Expo is drawing future CCIEs and CCIEs looking for that second or third certification. From now until June 4th we are offering the R&S or SP course for just $1,499! If you select the Security or Voice classes they are just $1,999! Go to and click on the training tab. We have secured incredible pricing for suites in the Nemours building for jus $70 a night. These rooms are huge and convenient to all transportation like the Amtrak just 6 blocks away. Come join us in Delaware the home of tax free shopping for an exclusive venue.


I would like to say thanks to the three tenors er CCIEs who in their first PodCast mentioned my efforts in working to push prices down. Go have a listen to Greg, Dan and Ethan as they share their views on several subjects including the price of CCIE Boot Camps. logo v1-144-144.png

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LinkedIn Group Tops 825 CCIEs !!!

LinkedIn Group Tops 825 CCIEs

Over two Dozen Openings Posted

Technical Expert für Data Center Solutions - Deutschland

Technical Consultant/Design Expert IMS - Deutschland

Security Engineer Cisco - Schweiz

Data Center Service Provider - Schweiz

Network Engineer Cisco UC - Schweiz

Philadelphia Area - Wireless Pre-Sales Engineer

CCIE Well Rounded - Southern California IMMEDIATE START - TN1 Welcome - TN2 Possible

CCIE - Network Engineer - Boston - fulltime permanent

Technical Support Engineer - Service Provider - Deutschland

System Engineer Network Integration - Deutschland

Montreal - Consultant Systeme – Unified Communications

Boston - CCIE / CCVP Network Engineer

Washington DC/VA Area - Senior Engineer – Data Center - Delivery

Washington DC/VA Area - Senior Solutions Architect – UC Storage

Washington DC/VA Area Senior Engineer – Voice or Security

Washington DC/VA Area - Senior Engineer – UC Delivery (Unified Communications)

Washington DC/VA Area - Security Pre & Post Sales Engineer or Architect ( CISSP )

NYC - Solutions Architect

Sales Account Manager – New York

Washington DC/MD Area - Sr. Cisco Security Engineer

Wisconsin - Advanced Network Engineer – Voip Engineer

New York - Solutions Architect

Texas - Technical Sales Engineer

Chicago SE - CCIE R&S w/PreSales Experience

NYC/NJ or Long Island - NOC Engineer

CCIE - Oklahoma City - TN-1 OK - $130k - $140k Equipment will be Cisco Nexus series, 6500’s, 7200’s, ASA’s, 3500’s, 4500’s.

Come Join CCIE Jobs on LinkedIn or go to

CCIE Agent™ Eman needs you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CCIE Flyer Training Specials – Nigeria

This just came in from Eman Conde of CCIE Flyer

CCIE Flyer Training Specials – Nigeria

CCIE R&S Boot Camps
These days you have to watch your wallet and the lie detector when choosing CCIE Boot Camps and other related training options. Since the CCIE Flyer has been searching for and announcing lower priced training deals and even free training materials we have been exposed to many grumblings from some of the big guys out there. Take for example the training we announced in Nigeria which was immediately responded to by a gray market training company in the US. (Grey market refers to the fact that they are not Cisco Authorized) To try and steal our thunder they announced a boot camp scheduled to start a few days before Micronics was announced to be there. They did this and lowered their price to try and capitalize on the initiative they did not even consider until we began trying to help in this region. Also consider some of the lies being told by this company about the training offered by Micronics one such claims is that this training does not cover things like troubleshooting. Wow why lie? Consider the reduced rack times and trainers who have not even made a ripple in the pond, as far as training CCIEs go. Then ask about their retake policy and the frequency of their schedule to return to Nigeria. Micronics is committed to the region and will return to the area at least 3 times in the coming year.

So we received a call from Micronics and they asked us to make sure everyone knows they are lowering their prices below $1,500 for this venue in Nigeria. Yup, under $1,500 there and in the USA as well at key venues they have developed with the CCIE Flyer. Look at the announcement for Wilmington, DE. Four boot camps running simultaneously in one week at a venue easily afforded and accessible by the high speed rail corridor between Washington DC and New York City. This venue is going to be accompanied by an extravaganza of well known CCIEs and networking opportunities usually reserved for venues like Cisco Live.

The event in Nigeria is fast approaching so remember Micronics will not be undersold. One of the good things about being a company with no brick and mortar is their ability to run at the lowest overhead cost. So rest assured no matter what the competition says; Micronics Training is the home of some of the best and most successful trainers in the industry. These are people who have written the book on the topics they teach and who have a commitment to their passion not profits!

To learn more send an email to

Friday, April 9, 2010

CCIE Flyer Challenge Winners!!!

CCIE Flyer Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the CCIE Flyer Challnge!

Vladimir Michalec

Ed Tan


Norberto L Silva

Marco Rizzi

Nicolás Leiva

Jeferson Guardia

Thameem Maranveetil Parambath

Michael Bennett

Steve Shaw

Syed Khalid Ali

Scott Williamson

Maqsood Siddiqui

Yatin Dave

Larry (Sorry he did not provide his last name)

Tharaka Kariyawasam

Rich Collins

Poplawski, James

You might have read about the CCIE Flyer Challenge our first contest. We are delighted that these 18 people actually qualified for the give-away. Sorry for the rest of you I counted 250+ unique sessions to the moc-labs but only these few rose above the rest to win!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cisco Live 2010 Las Vegas

*** This just came in from Eman Conde of CCIE Flyer

Cisco Live 2010

Viva Las Vegas BABY!

Deep in the catacombs of the CCIE Agent™ offices there is a cache of guitars owned and loved by me Uncle Eman. That’s right I love my guitars they all have stories too. My favorite is a twelve string Taylor acoustic similar to the model played by John Denver back in his Rocky Mountain High days. This beauty was sitting in a pawn shop window being beaten and ruined by the sun in the shop window. I drove by it for several weeks before I finally stopped in and asked the proprietor to take it out of the direct rays of the sun. I explained that it was being ruined by the heat and direct sunlight. To this he asked if I wanted to buy it. I said no and tried to explain again that he was ruining the guitar. He told me to pound sand and get out of his store. I drove by that shop window for a few more weeks before I finally had to save the guitar. I walked in and confronted the proprietor with what he was doing to the guitar, again. He asked if I was going to buy it, again. This time I said yes and convinced him that they had in fact damaged the wood and the neck was warped thus I talked him down on his price considerably. I picked it up for a song!

Then there’s the Charlie Daniels guitar I bought for my Christmas gift a couple of years ago. This beauty is one of two built and the twin is in Charlie’s office in a glass case. Mine was played by guitar players in 38 Special, Marshal Tucker, Little Texas and Charlie Daniel’s band. This gem was a fund raiser as part of a raffle to raise money for a children’s hospital in Florida. The winner disappeared with the guitar and for three years folks wondered where it went. I found it in the back of a small guitar store in Elkton, Maryland. No one knew the guitar’s origins and I bought it thinking it was a Japanese made knock off of a much more expensive guitar. When I was handed the case I found the passes issued to the winner of the raffle inside. I called Dave Fullerton of Fullerton guitars in Florida and learned what I had was a very unique guitar.

Well this year at Cisco Live I will bring with me, what could possibly be the most sought after prize of the event, the Elvis Presley model Epiphone guitar. You might ask,

“Uncle Eman, how many of my children will I have to give you for this wonderful instrument?” I would have to tell you to keep your children, (I have my own and they are over rated)!

Instead, all you have to do is find me on the exhibition floor and place a business card in the instrument. I will pull one lucky winners name from the sound whole of this unique and very classy guitar and that person will walk away from the show with a souvenir of Las Vegas to be proud of! Yup you don’t have to be a CCIE to win! I will announce as we get closer to the event date where the drawing will take place and where you can find me. Yes this fine instrument will come with a music lesson! You will learn to play and sing not one but two great Elvis Presley classics. I will teach you to play Blue Suede Shoes and (the house lights please) Elvis has left the building, “Viva Las Vegas”. Yes you will learn these two exciting songs before I release my grip on the guitar and before you walk away into the sunset!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

CCIE Flyer Sponsored Training

Moving on from the simple reduced cost opportunities for our readers the CCIE Flyer is now co-hosting training venues. We have really decided to bring the prices down to ensure those regions of the world where boot camps are most needed, can afford them. We had not released the information about our work with Micronics and a sponsoring Cisco reseller in Nigeria before because Eman was traveling again. While he was in Cape Town we heard that a flurry of messages was flying back and forth on Group Study about the CCIE Flyer plans. So the cat’s out of the bag it seems but the details were not correct or complete.

Here are the details.

May 17 – 21 the CCIE Flyer is cosponsoring not one but three boot camps in Lagos, Nigeria. Victoria Island Lagos will play host to one of the most unique international CCIE training opportunities ever.

  • Narbik Kocharians will be teaching his special and very successful Routing and Switching Boot Camp
  • Paul Negron will be featured teaching his very well regarded Service Provider Boot Camp
  • Piotr Matusiak will be teaching his very highly touted Security Boot Camp
  • Eman Conde CCIE Agent™ known to many CCIEs around the world will play ring master to an historic and memorable week of training and networking

These three offerings will be running concurrently on May 17 – 21, 2010 and the CCIE Flyer will have severely reduced pricing for these boot camps for our readers. Because the classes will be held during the same week anyone attending will have the chance of a lifetime. You will be able to network with Eman, Narbik, Paul and Piotr all at the same time. What a great chance to take your career to the next plateau! Mentors and teachers like these are not found together in the same place very often and the CCIE Flyer is working on additional co-sponsored venues. So Nigeria should be in your plans and you should send an email to right now.

The earlier you sign up the better the discounts!

But Wait we are not finished yet!

Located in the Delaware Valley is a hot bed of CCIE focused energy. Yup Eman’s office and the editorial offices of the CCIE Flyer! What this means for you is that the CCIE Flyer will offer the same “Fantastic Four”, super stars of CCIE world in the same week right here in the shadow of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Why here? It’ because the area is served by the best rail system in the region and the tax free environment of Delaware is conducive to lower pricing! Really, I don’t have to tell you that paying less for hotels (or not needing one at all) is a good thing and if you are living in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, New York or even Virginia this might be the best chance you get to invest in your career. The added plus of having the chance to join and network with many other career focused professionals and the Fantastic Four of CCIE training is awesome. In June we will be together again to give you the best value and the most cost effective investment you can make in your future as a CCIE.

  • Narbik Kocharians will be teaching his special and very successful Routing and Switching Boot Camp
  • Paul Negron will be featured teaching his very well regarded Service Provider Boot Camp
  • Piotr Matusiak will be teaching his very highly touted Security Boot Camp
  • Eman Conde CCIE Agent™ known to many CCIEs around the world will play ring master to an historic and memorable week of training and networking

These three offerings will be running concurrently on June 21 – 25, 2010 and the CCIE Flyer will have severely reduced pricing for these boot camps for CCIE Flyer readers. Once again the classes will be held during the same week so anyone attending will have the chance of a lifetime. You will be able to network with Eman, Narbik, Paul and Piotr all at the same time.

Fast Track your career with the help of the Fantastic Four!

How? As teachers and mentors the Fantastic Four can provide you the essence of a professional support network. What a great chance to take your career to the next plateau! Mentors and teachers like these are not found together in the same place very often, but the CCIE Flyer is making it happen for you. So Wilmington, Delaware should be in your plans send an email to right now.

The earlier you sign up the bigger the discounts!