Thursday, April 22, 2010

CCIE Flyer Training Specials – Nigeria

This just came in from Eman Conde of CCIE Flyer

CCIE Flyer Training Specials – Nigeria

CCIE R&S Boot Camps
These days you have to watch your wallet and the lie detector when choosing CCIE Boot Camps and other related training options. Since the CCIE Flyer has been searching for and announcing lower priced training deals and even free training materials we have been exposed to many grumblings from some of the big guys out there. Take for example the training we announced in Nigeria which was immediately responded to by a gray market training company in the US. (Grey market refers to the fact that they are not Cisco Authorized) To try and steal our thunder they announced a boot camp scheduled to start a few days before Micronics was announced to be there. They did this and lowered their price to try and capitalize on the initiative they did not even consider until we began trying to help in this region. Also consider some of the lies being told by this company about the training offered by Micronics one such claims is that this training does not cover things like troubleshooting. Wow why lie? Consider the reduced rack times and trainers who have not even made a ripple in the pond, as far as training CCIEs go. Then ask about their retake policy and the frequency of their schedule to return to Nigeria. Micronics is committed to the region and will return to the area at least 3 times in the coming year.

So we received a call from Micronics and they asked us to make sure everyone knows they are lowering their prices below $1,500 for this venue in Nigeria. Yup, under $1,500 there and in the USA as well at key venues they have developed with the CCIE Flyer. Look at the announcement for Wilmington, DE. Four boot camps running simultaneously in one week at a venue easily afforded and accessible by the high speed rail corridor between Washington DC and New York City. This venue is going to be accompanied by an extravaganza of well known CCIEs and networking opportunities usually reserved for venues like Cisco Live.

The event in Nigeria is fast approaching so remember Micronics will not be undersold. One of the good things about being a company with no brick and mortar is their ability to run at the lowest overhead cost. So rest assured no matter what the competition says; Micronics Training is the home of some of the best and most successful trainers in the industry. These are people who have written the book on the topics they teach and who have a commitment to their passion not profits!

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