Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry CCIE Christmas :-)

CCIE studies have taken a short break due to the coming holidays. I am unfortunately still not sure whether I will be sitting for the CCIE written which I scheduled end of this month. I am still feeling very nervous and not confident enough. I may defer to a later date should I feel that I am ill-prepared to perhaps end of January/February 2009? I believe that it's better to defer until I truly am confident and understand it in and out. I have cover most of the topics in the written save perhaps redistribution and multicasting which I am having trouble understanding it the way I wish I would. However, I believe I will hit the nail on the coffin sooner or later :-).

In case, some of you didn't know, the CCIE Flyer December edition is out at so download a copy and start reading the wonderful articles there. I have written an article on dumping so hopefully I meet the expectations of you readers. Please feel free to comment should you feel what I have written is wrong and misleading.

Until, happy holidays everyone and to those who celebrate like me, a very Merry and Happy Christmas and a Joyous New Year. Let's hope those are sitting for their CCIE lab exams will pass and for those who are re-attempting, pass this time. My best wishes to you all! (it seems that my target of #23456 is coming nearer ... looks like I have to aim for a new number #23999 or #24232? Any number will do in the end ;-))

Thursday, December 4, 2008

CCIE Flyer November Edition

I know it's December now but just in case some of you didn't know, CCIE Flyer November edition is out! Get it at :-).

Also probably an interesting read for some who has not seen this, some of the top 20 networking sites at