Saturday, May 22, 2010

CCIE Lab Fees Reduced

CCIE Lab Fees Reduced

From Eman of CCIE Flyer :-)

There are times that news is just too important to hold off on writing about it until the next release of the CCIE Flyer. Well this is one of those times! I have been monitoring some of the on-line forums and twitter etc…and I have heard that Cisco is going to lower the fee to $1,000 from $1,400 for the lab! Wow this is great and congratulations Cisco for doing this. I saw recently that the declining numbers in the CCIE population have caused the post on these numbers te be removed. This was a shock to me because I was putting together a presentation for Western European emerging markets I am delivering in two weeks. As I searched for the details from the normal site O realized it was no longer there. So I am concerned that maybe someone decided to stop posting bad news. Well the good news is that in other emerging markets the populations numbers are still slowly growing. So there American fat cats take that! (I did take a look at my scales before making that comment by BTW and sadly yes I am a fat cat here in the USA to)

I digress

The point is that I just today received an email from an aspiring dual CCIE from Africa. This engineer had to sell his TV and entertainment systems to pay for a lab. Taking this guy’s money was like stealing candy from a baby. I urge he gets it back but the system works as it does and I have no real influence, but you do. You the CCIEs and Cisco engineers out there in the world can wag the dog. You are a mighty big dog that influences the purchasing decisions of corporations that influence commerce around the world. You the lowly Cisco network engineers. It seems some of you have been heard because I hev heard it through the grapevine that Cisco is lowering the price for the CCIE labs to $1,000. This is a great next step after the Waiver and the Core Knowledge Questions (OEQs) have passed into history.

Kudos, Props and Thanks

Really. I was so excited I had a Margarita with lunch. Kudos Learning at Cisco, Props management teams that took this challenge on and Thanks to the rest of you who made this possible. I have even read that this was going to be announced at Cisco Live in June. Wow, it’s only May and we are talking about it already.

CCIE Population Numbers

At a time when the numbers are on the decline and published and unpublished efforts have been made to keep the certifications pure this is a great move. Hello, I am a recruiter and given bodies to recruit I get all pimply and excited. So getting the numbers up using an equation that includes discounts is a recipe for success.

So let’s all look forward to the announcement in June at Cisco Live – Networkers. See you there!

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