Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Internetwork Expert's Core Knowlege Simulation and CCIE Written Video-on-Demand / IPExpert's Core Knowledge Quizzer

In case some of you didn't know, CCIE Flyer April edition is out at http://www.ccieflyer.com. This time I wrote an article on how the iPhone 3G is assisting me in my CCIE studies.

Following Internetwork Expert's Core Knowledge Simulation which is free if you're an end-to-end package customer (this is a product which simulates the open-ended questions which CCIE candidates need to answer before stepping in to configure the lab), IPExpert wil be releasing it's own Core Knowledge Quizzer which will be a *FREE* product as shown at http://www.sunpenguin.net/?p=580.

FYI, Internetwork Expert is also in the process of completing the CCIE written VoD authored by Anthony Sequiera (http://www.internetworkexpert.com/rscciewritten.htm). I personally have just purchased this product (barely hours ago) and on the web, it says that it will be fully released in July 2009. There are some sample chapters available on Internetwork Expert's blog so check them out. This should serve as another excellent resource if you are like me, studying for the CCIE written exam (in addition to the Official Examination Guide by Cisco Press and few other books).

Oh and CCIE numbers have hit 24xxx ;-)