Friday, April 9, 2010

CCIE Flyer Challenge Winners!!!

CCIE Flyer Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the CCIE Flyer Challnge!

Vladimir Michalec

Ed Tan


Norberto L Silva

Marco Rizzi

Nicolás Leiva

Jeferson Guardia

Thameem Maranveetil Parambath

Michael Bennett

Steve Shaw

Syed Khalid Ali

Scott Williamson

Maqsood Siddiqui

Yatin Dave

Larry (Sorry he did not provide his last name)

Tharaka Kariyawasam

Rich Collins

Poplawski, James

You might have read about the CCIE Flyer Challenge our first contest. We are delighted that these 18 people actually qualified for the give-away. Sorry for the rest of you I counted 250+ unique sessions to the moc-labs but only these few rose above the rest to win!


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