Friday, September 25, 2009

Something Brewing In the Lair of Narbik Kocharians

Yours truly have been donning his Cisco Ninja suit and stalking Narbik Kocharians and after a successful stalking, here's what was found.

Narbik is working on FOUR major projects. Four??? Yes. Four.

Narbik is working hard on getting his troubleshooting workbook for the CCIE R&S track out. If you have purchased his 2.0 workbook, you will see that it is labeled vol 3. This workbook is provided FREE for those of you who had bought his 2.0 workbook. Because of Narbik's high and stringent quality requirements to only release the very best to his students, he will have someone good to help him out so we'll see the surprise soon enough.

Narbik is also working hard on releasing his CCIE SP workbook out. The schedule for his CCIE SP bootcamp will be out soon and will be taught all over the world. If you know the quality of his R&S workbooks then expect the same best work for this track as well.

Don't be surprised if you see Narbik releasing workbooks for the other tracks as well. When I stalked his lair, I happen to see a glimpse of books starting with SE there. SEcurity or does SE means Special Edition? Maybe he has a Special Edition for R&S? Time will tell.

Let us not forget that the OSPF COD is nearing completion (it seriously is almost completed!). If the quality is the same like how we experience for the free OSPF Filtering sample we saw, then I believe we will be blown wide open with the quality of the CoD videos.

Last but not least, before I left Narbik's lair, I heard him snoring about finishing editing the CCIE Written Exam Certification Guide 4th Edition which is due out in October 2009. Hence I believe Narbik will now turn his energy when he wakes up to releasing some of the stuff that I mentioned above.

I would have stayed longer at Narbik's lair but you see he has this sweet lady named Janet who patrols the lair for pesky intruders so I don't want to get caught. You know how it is when you are caught spying on people. Hence I left after about 3-5 minutes.

There you have it folks. Fresh news from Narbik's lair. Remember you heard it here FIRST. Please also remember one thing. Again I would like to remind you that Narbik is a ONE-MAN army. He works alone most of the time on releasing his workbooks and also teach classes. We have 24 hours in a day so if you get a slow reply or no reply from Narbik, you could perhaps try again in 4-5 days. He receives tonnes of mails last I heard so it's already tough filtering mails from us and also requests on getting him to appear on the David Letterman show.

As per popular request, I have included the .NET file on the topology for Narbik's workbooks which can be found at this RapidShare link. I have also included a link to his OSPF CoD since I had requests on this from a couple of people who visited my blog. His CoD can be found at this RapidShare link.


the boor said...

I recently purchased the workbook and it seems to be restricted to Windows users. The DRM reader is not linux friendly.
I wonder if anyone else has come across this/ had any success with their customer support regarding this????

Nickelby said...

The best way would be to run a VM with XP on it. Unfortunately LockLizard does not run on Linux natively.

the boor said...

Dont you need to own microsoft windows in order to run it as a VM ?
Unfortunately, it seems i will not get a chance to read the book. They ended up refunding me as they support only Windoze and Apple customers.... Sad.