Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Narbik Kocharians's Advanced CCIE Routing & Switching 2.0 Workbooks Update #3

In case some of you have given up on seeing the v2.0 workbooks and CoD series from Narbik Kocharians, don't give up. Here is the latest update from Narbik and it's fresh from the oven mind you :-).


To All,
Man what a week...... On Saturday morning i had a small procedure (surgery) which turned out to be fine (Thank god), my family and my doctor were worried, so i had to cancel the Dubai Boot Camp, Doc told me to take 4 days off and it should be good as gold.
I thought to myself well....I will use the time to finish off my COD and the 2.0 work book, but guess what......The freaking fires in LA (La Crescenta and La Canada hills) which is where i live, forced us to evacuate twice.
I am hoping things will settle down by tomorrow so i can finish the work book and the COD before i fly to London for a boot camp.
Sorry everyone, it was out of my control. It should be done very soon (With my luck, earthquake is next). My neighbors tell me to shut up whenever i mention earthquake, hahahahaha you have to laugh, you can't take this 2 seriously, its funny, mate its all funny.....

Narbik Kocharians
CCSI#30832, CCIE# 12410 (R&S, SP, Security)
Sr. Technical Instructor



Unknown said...

What is the email id of narbik ? I mean the official one.

I purchased the Advanced Workbook 2.0 and no one in his company is supporting me including the director of sales Janet. I fell I purchased a product where no one listens to me.


Nickelby said...

The official e-mail of Narbik is narbikk at gmail dot com. However, because he does receive quite an amount of e-mails per day I would suggest resending him a mail every 4-5 days if he does not reply on the first one.

Narbik doesn't ignore people as far as I know. It's just that he's overwhelmed with so many e-mails per day. Hence I also receive replies a little bit later :-)