Sunday, September 27, 2009

CCIE Agent Economic Stimulus

Here are some good news for you guys and girls who want to do the Cisco 360 program. This just came in from my chief, Eman.



Yeah it’s an overused term the whole Economic Stimuli theme, but in some sectors it is working. Take as example the surge in hiring in the USA for Network Engineers we have seen. What has made the Cisco Channel Partner community open up their purses? The answer I think is that money is being spent and spending promotes spending. I am a simple man but I do understand that basic concept. The fact is we have been seeing brisk interviewing and hiring and we are feeling very strong heading into the last quarter of 2009. I will be just as glad to say good bye to 2009 as I was to 2008 even though we are seeing an improvement through end of this year.

CCIE Agent Economic Stimulus for Channel Partners

As the CCIE Agent™ I have enjoyed a lot of success so I am offering clients reduced rates for staffing. What should you care as a CCIE or candidate we represent? Because hiring companies often make a decision on whom they are hiring with the fee they are paying the recruiting company in mind. If the fee adds too much to the bottom line then the candidate could see themselves eliminated. Have you ever been rejected for a role you thought you had in the bag? Think about your agent, what are they charging your prospective employer? I wish I could get all the CCIEs I know who are unemployed new jobs. So to help them we are reducing our fees to prospective employers to 12% with a maximum fee of $10,000. These low rates will help prospective employers make a decision. (contact

CCIE Agent Economic Stimulus for Training

Many phone calls have transpired since my conversations with Learning at Cisco representatives. Since then I have visited with Bruce Caslow and spoken with SkylineATS and Global Knowledge representatives about the program and the pricing. I have been successful in getting CCIE Flyer only discounts for my readers from Micronics and Voice Boot Camp and now I am very pleased to say I have negotiated rates down for 360 program CCIE training. Now I have been told I will see special rates in the $3,000 range for this offering.



Narbik’s special brand of CCIE R&S boot camp training is world renowned as the most effective and comprehensive of its kind. (

Voice Boot Camp

Faisal Khan has now added his name to the list of trainers authorizing me to offer CCIE Flyer only pricing for his world renowned CCIE Voice. (


Narbik and Paul Negron 360 learning provider SkylineATS has begun negotiating with the CCIE Agent to provide the 360 learning program for CCIE in the $3,000 range. There will be a lot more to say about this very soon in the CCIE Flyer! (


There you have it folks. Seems like after the lair of Narbik Kocharians had some juicy news, the CCIE Flyer lair had some juicy news of its own! I am pretty sure the IPExpert and Internetwork Expert team will not be left behind ...

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