Monday, June 22, 2009

CCIE Flyer 2009 June Edition + Itsy Bitsy Updates

Just a short and quick update. CCIE Flyer 2009 June Edition is out at Get it while it's hot! You can see a lot of interesting articles there with this month focusing on 'learning'.

On my end of things, I have been working on the workbooks from Narbik. I am still on switching. Reason why it is taking so long when we can actually do the whole lab book in 3 days? Simple. I want to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it and what will happen when I do it. Hence I am not even half or rather quarter of the book yet :-). Slow progress but still not stalled ....

This week my mum is in town for a week's visit so it will be interesting to see how many hours of studying I can cramped in this week! You NEVER say no to mum ... not even the CCIE allows you to do that ;-).


Unknown said...

You can do all 5 of Narbik's book's in 3 days?

Nickelby said...

No ... just the switching portion :-). No HUMAN can do 5 of Narbik's workbooks in 3 days. I doubt if the man himself can do it without the help of three bottles of Scottish whiskey ;-)