Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So What's Happening with Narbik Kocharians?

Narbik Kocharians have been pretty quiet nowadays. Just a few posts here and there on GroupStudy and *poof* he disappears using his CCIE jutsu skills. However, I was lucky enough to catch him at the right moment today and brought him back to my lair for questioning. Here is what I have found so far before he managed to 'escape' me again.

Narbik locked himself for the past week or so and he has just finished his 4th troubleshooting lab and the boot camp 2.0 work book for the CCIE R&S track.

He is almost done with the CCIE SP workbook.

He is also almost done with the CCIE Security workbook.

He will finish the OSPF route filtering in the next two days (by this I assume it's the VoD).

I am assured that what he says is NOT I repeat NOT vapourware. He can be a little lagging sometimes in mails/schedules but we all need to remember he is a one-man army. Looks like 2010 is bringing in good stuff to all of us already :-).

Let's hope the other vendors have some juicy details to share with us for 2010 as well!

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