Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eman - CCIE Amnesty Update

An update on what Eman has been doing on the CCIE Amnesty Program.

CCIE Amnesty Update

Going into the second month of this effort to help CCIEs regain control of their numbers I am reminded of the old McDonalds when I was a kid. The sign that was a part of the original “Golden Arches” used to say “Thousands Served”, an indication that thousands of burgers had been purchased. Today the sign say “Millions and Millions Served”. I would like to hang up a sign for CCIE Amnesty saying hundreds saved! But the truth is only six CCIEs have had their numbers disassociated from channels because of the work Monica (my best friend at Cisco) and I have been doing. I have received several dozen requests for help or clarification about the associations of some CCIEs and I have even been called by competing recruiters who were poaching CCIEs from one channel for another. I am pleased that in the first month we have been able to help CCIEs internationally regain control of their numbers. The work and investment in earning a CCIE is an investment worth protecting.

The second month of the effort by Monica (my best friend at Cisco) and me we are hoping to spread the word even farther. There has been a lot of interest in this effort and some negative but the good work continues.

Here’s our plan, for the next 90 60 days I am asking any CCIE who is in a situation where their CCIE number is associated with a company they are not really working for to step forward and I will have their number released from that employer with no repercussions or penalties. The company will then have nine months to resolve their need and the CCIE will help another CCIE have a shot at a real job. Think about it, if you have your number associated with a company that needs the number you are taking a job away from another CCIE who needs a job.

How to proceed.

Send me an email eman@ccieflyer.com and I will call you to begin the process. I will keep you out of hot water and help the channel partner replace you with a real CCIE to join their staff. If you are the victim of a channel that is holding your number against your will I will help release your number also without reprisals to the channel partner in question.

I only asked for 90 days from Monica (my best friend at Cisco) if yopu have questions or want to discuss this effort I am always available to answer questions.


Monica Cojocneanu leads Cisco’s Worldwide Certification Program and strategy that is widely recognized as leading the industry. More than 80 percent of Cisco products and services are sold through channel partners, systems integrators, value-added resellers, distributors, and others whose innovative solutions based on Cisco products and services extend the reach of Cisco’s sales and services organizations around the world. The Cisco certification program strategy is to increase profitable growth for partners and build partner capability to accelerate marketplace adoption of solutions based on Cisco advanced and emerging technologies. Monica is a 8 years Cisco veteran, previously worked in the Customer Advocacy where she was responsible for defining the first generation of Cisco Advanced Services.

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