Thursday, August 13, 2009

Narbik Kocharians's Class-on-Demand Sample

Narbik Kocharians has just released a sample of his CoD via a link on GroupStudy recently (yes I know GS can be a clowning place at times). Now I have to say that after attending his CCIE bootcamp in June 2009, I was expecting the same ol' Narbik albeit in a digital form teaching us the technologies of the CCIE blueprint in the same sharp-witted and very easy-to-understand approach.

I was not disappointed. The sample was on OSPF filtering and if you have never attended any of his bootcamps, there is a possibility you will find that OSPF filtering is confusing and perhaps difficult. Now Narbik does not don his 007 suit and explain to you in a vague way or in a too jokeful manner. Instead he explains it in a very concise, straight-forward and best of all in simple English.

I will not describe on how he taught in this sample video because my words alone will not do any justice to this outstanding video sample but please do yourself a favour. Again, as in previous blog entries, if you are dead serious on earning your CCIE certification and if the opportunity arises, have Narbik's materials/bootcamp on top of your list.

I have included the link here after getting permission from the man himself, so please feel free to download it and comment here if you like :-). It's in mp4 by the way and VLC plays it just fine.

You will probably need 7-Zip if you don't have it already installed on your system. You can get 7-Zip at

If you have already seen this sample video, then you will see how Narbik makes it ridiculously easy for you when it comes to OSPF filtering. I know it's easy because I have it at the back of my hand now ;-).


Unknown said...

Hi Nick,
I've been following your blog quite sometime now and I'm very enjoy reading it. Your blog is very informative.

I'm working in Singapore, and, from reading your blog, I'm very interested to take Narbik's bootcamp for the up coming October, do you know any channel that I can have a discount for a class(Although, it's worth investment but it's cost quite much for me).

Thanks & Regards,

Nickelby said...

Hi A.T.,

Thanks for following my blog. It's a pleasure to meet people like you albeit virtually ;-).

I would suggest you calling TrainPro Academy at +603 - 2287 5009 / +603 - 6009 and look for Michelle for your enquiries. By the way, I do not work for TrainPro. I just merely attended the bootcamp there and found that their staff are friendly ;-).

I know it's costly for some but let me reassure you that this is one of the CHEAPEST and one of the BEST if not the BEST CCIE bootcamps out there. If you are like me who has to sweat out the money for Narbik's bootcamp, let me tell you this. It is worth every penny. No joke. Period.

You seen the video sample? That's how ridiculously easy he makes a technology to understand.

So when are you coming over to Kuala Lumpur?

Unknown said...


Micronics website is in a bad shape any idea when it will be complete and Narbik would sell his CoD and Worbkook 2.0 for general public.


Nickelby said...

Well on GroupStudy, Narbik says he's gonna sell his CoD in two days time. From his own words,

"BTW, Ladies/Gents, The rest of the video will be available within the next two days, and the
price will be $50, i did that on purpose so students can purchase the specific section that they are looking for. In each Video i will cover everything i know, i will NOT hold back an inch, i do not play those games."

I am not sure on the pricing of the whole CoD yet though.

v2.0 should be out shortly as I know that he is nearly 100% completed with it. We need to be patient for the best :-).

Unknown said...

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your reply. I'm submitting my leave, so when my leave is confirmed I'll be calling Trainpro for a seat.

By the way, the CoD looks very interesting. It's clean and clear, I may try own one if the price is allow:D


Nickelby said...

Thats great A.T.,

Hope to see you in Kuala Lumpur! :-)