Monday, November 7, 2011

CCIE as CEO How Does it Work?

As the CCIE Agent to the world I have been asked by a lot of CCIEs to help them find career alternatives to their current situations. Some are employed in what appear to be great jobs because the companies are multi-national or just really big. Often CCIEs working for the really big companies are only interested in moves to other really big companies. What many CCIEs have learned though is this. Big does not mean stable or equal to job security. In the past four years I have been in the Cisco SRS program I have also been an accidental traveler on the economic tsunami that has surged over every shore and border. Yet starting out the new adventure with Cisco during this harsh period has taught me a few things. One lesson is, Big or Really Big Company does not equal Job Security, another lesson is the average Cisco Channel reseller between 35 and 100 employees has survived and many have actually thrived. The phenomenon has kept CCIE Agent, Limited growing. So I decided to take one of my clients to task in a very public way. Yeah I know it’s risky because the competition will try and call and candidates will go direct, all the things most recruiters are afraid of. BUT I am not a recruiter, remember? I am a career agent. This client is managed and owned by a CCIE and he serves in many capacities for his company as it grows.

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