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CCIEs Making History

This just came in from Emmanuel Conde of CCIE Flyer



(Really I don’t Make This Stuff Up!)

I wrote about how dumb I am getting in my old age when I mentioned that kids are helping me along with that degeneration. (called the Eman Effect) You see kids are like little Einsteins today and I discovered that through the “Dumbing Down”, or as they call it “Renormed” IQ scores that are used today. What is commonly known as the “Flynn Effect” proves that over time I am being made dumber!

From Wkipedia; IQ tests are re-normalized periodically, in order to maintain the average score for an age group at 100. In fact, the necessity for this re-normalization provided Flynn with an initial indication that IQ was changing over time. The revised versions are standardized on new samples and scored with respect to those samples alone, so the only way to compare the difficulty of two versions of a test is to conduct a separate study in which the same subjects take both versions.[3] Doing so confirms IQ gains over time. (

If Einstein had taken an IQ test it has been estimated his IQ would have been about 160 and that was in 1920. So according to the Flynn Effect the score of the average child in diapers with an average IQ today is actually as smart as Einstein!

That is why the next generation of Network Engineers is smarter than the first was right out of the starting gate! So it comes to pass that more cool work is being created for these young minds to be challenged by.

Why do I share such tidbits with you?

Because I have this thing about spilling my unrestrained thoughts out to you, that and I was excited to learn about roles supporting what may be the coolest project I have been asked to provide CCIEs for ever. Back in the 90s I was providing IT staff as part of the Human Genome project and those IT guys really were psyched about being a part of the endeavor. Today I was asked to help staff a huge government initiative called Einstein3 with engineers who hold Top Secret/SCI, Homeland Security and Full Scope/Lifestyle Poly clearances.

The Einstein Program is an intrusion detection system that monitors the gateways of US government agencies in the USA. There have been various phases of this program and now we arrive at Einstein3. Talk about your cyber wars and the ether strewn with data carnage! This is cool stuff. I mean, how long would you have to look to find a job where you would literally had a chance to grin all day and do real cool stuff that would make your resume look like Arnold shared steroids with it? As long as it took to call me or shoot me an email actually!

Several companies are asking me to help provide staff for some of the coolest work a CCIE or IT professional could ever find. So if you are a developer, Project Manager, CCIE, IT Security professional or CCIE (I know I said CCIE twice didn’t I?). What are you waiting for shoot me an email and let’s tal these roles are piling up with over 80 that I am aware of in and around Washington, DC.

What you need to do is remember kids stay away from drugs, don’t whine, make sure you are Santa Clause worthy, keep your criminal record clear of anything but tickets, and most of all (drum roll please) contact your local CCIE Agent™.

If you take my advice and study real hard in school passing a few Cisco certifications along the way you too can make History. Those folks who get a chance to work in this history making cyber security program will have added to their resumes inclusion into an arena that will push their careers for the foreseeable future. Ok well maybe just until they retire.

[edit] Einstein 3: Version 3.0 of Einstein has been discussed to prevent attacks by "shoot[ing] down an attack before it hits its target".[24] The NSA is moving forward to begin a program known as “Einstein 3,” which will monitor “government computer traffic on private sector sites,” with AT&T thought of as being the first. The plan, which was devised under the Bush administration, is controversial given the history of the NSA and the warrantless wiretapping scandal. Many DHS officials fear that the program should not move forward, because of “uncertainty about whether private data can be shielded from unauthorized scrutiny.”[25] Some believe the program will invade the privacy of individuals too much[26].

No longer a passive hardening of sites, Einstein3 is actually charged with going on the offensive. How coo is that? Going out and “Shooting Down” offending sites is part of the goal of Einstein3. Still got your attention huh?!

Let me know if you have any of the important clearances needed to be a part of this awsome program and I will be happy to pull you away from that really boring security role you are in now. Make big bucks and kill stuff now that’s real cool!


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