Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from Narbik Kocharians

Happy New Year people :-). This just came in hot from the oven and it's a New Year message none other from Narbik Kocharians.


Hi All,

I hope that you all have a peaceful, healthy, and wealthy new year. We saw lots of changes in the routing and switching labs in 2009 and I believe we will see similar changes in the SP, Voice and other tracks as well in 2010.

I would like to assure you all that I will continue teaching the tracks like I have been, I just added more material to what I already have in order to make the learning easier and fun.

I have been extremely busy writing new material, writing material in different tracks, starting my VODs, and God willing soon we will be offering online classes.

I worked with Maurillio Gorito to tech edit the “CCIE Routing and Switching certification Guide Fourth edition”, an excellent book by Wendell, Rus, and Denise for the written exam.

I finished the 2500 page 2.0 advanced CCIE R&S. I've worked on the SP work book with Paul Negron (who has tech edited the previous version of the CCIE R&S cert guide and many other Cisco press books). I've worked on the Security work book with Piotr, an extremely knowledgeable person who happens to also be a Dual CCIE (Soon to be Triple). I have not seen a match when it comes to security.

I've worked on the Troubleshooting labs with Dan Shechter (a Triple CCIE), what a gentleman, this guy knows his stuff. I mean he knows it and he knows it well.

I am still working on the VODs and online training.

Note to mention the fact that I taught 28 boot camps and bunch of custom classes. Sometimes when you are this busy, deadlines are NOT met, and sometimes I completed the book; but when I looked at it, I did not care for it, so I deleted the entire thing and started again. Some of my students are getting upset but I WILL NOT SELL CRAP, QUALITY MUST BE THERE or else I will not sell or put my name on it.

I am also looking into adding other tracks like CCNA (R&S, Security, and Wireless), CCNP, CCVP, and CCSP. But I offer these with world leaders; these are people that rule in this area and have no match. Once negotiations are completed, I will let everyone know who these guys are. If you have done any work in IT, you will know these gentlemen.

Starting end of Jan people who attend my boot camp will see a huge change, I have added around5 hours of additional lecture and I have added the following material to what my students get when they attend my boot camp:

  • Foundation – Upon registration, the students will get an E-copy of this work book. This work book will prepare my students for the BOOT CAMP and NOT the actual lab.

  • Advanced CCIE R&S 2.0 – This is a 2500 page work book that is technology focused covering every item in the blue print.

  • Boot Camp 2.0 – This is a brand new work book that contains mock labs, there is a mock lab for RIPv2, there is a mock lab for Eigrp and so forth. These are tough labs and they convey unbelievable amount of information a MUST have work book.

  • Troubleshooting 2.0 – Each student gets 2 eight hour troubleshooting labs. These labs are designed to cover the blueprint. You basically load the initial config file which configures the routers and switches for EtherChannel, Trunks, RIPv2, Eigrp, OSPF, BGP, Redistribution, Security, Multicasting, Ip services, IPv6, and etc…… and once the initial configuration is loaded, you will have 15 tickets to resolve. Unbelievable is all I can say about these labs.

  • 360 Program – These are 2 volume work books plus a lab guide.

We have added CCIE Service Provider and Security tracks to our schedule and you can see them on our website as of today; we are planning to offer these tracks on monthly basis soon. Remember once you purchase one of the tracks the other tracks will ONLY cost you $1500 each. For example, if you purchased R&S, the SP will cost you $1500, and if later on you decide to take the security track, it will cost you another $1500, as I have stated before, this certification should NOT cost you an arm and a leg. Remember, just because its $1500, the quality WILL NOT SUFFER.

We have added more racks for our students, and we have made the price affordable, ONLY $450 for the entire month, 24 hours a day for 30 days.

One big favor, when ever you attend a boot camp, no matter who the vendor is, be vocal, write about your experience, what happened, what was your expectation going in, and if they met your expectation. This is the best way to keep us vendors honest, if you liked the boot camp, write about it, if you did not like the boot camp you should also write about it.

Many times people attend these boot camps with vendors that have an excellent reputation and they don’t get what they were promised or they paid few thousand dollars for a week of slide shows, they should write about these vendors every where. People read these posts and they decide where to spend their hard earned money.

Don’t worry I have spoken to the owner of GS and other forums and they have absolutely NO problems with true posting of your experience with any product or boot camp. I get over 10 e-mails about some of the flame/arguments that goes on in some of the forums and blogs, but my new year’s resolution is to IGNORE them all.

I have made guys famous by getting into arguments with them, I am NOT mentioning any names here but this is the way it’s going to be, I will NOT participate in any of these useless and pointless discussions. I know…..I know….I am NOT being nice, but if you know me, you know that I am a straight shooter, I call it exactly the way it is and some have a problem with that, well……… that is their problem and no one else’s.

Teaching has turned into “lecturing”, chalk talks have turned into “Let me get back to you” or “Let’s check the doc-cd” or the instructor purely uses his/her artistic maneuvering to get out of it. O well………..enough of this and that…… I hope this gave you guys an idea of what’s happening in Micronics Training Inc. I hope to see 5 digits next to your names soon.


So there you have it folks, Narbik Kocharians' New Year 2010 Message. I am very interested how the other vendors will play catch up to this especially IPExpert and Internetwork Expert since I also own both of their products as well. Cheers!

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