Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all :-)

I have decided to postpone my written to the first half of 2009 as my confidence level is not really there yet. Hence I will need to read more beers ... er ... I mean materials for the time being to further boost my confidence level :-). Better to be well prepared than half prepared don't you think?

Traditionally I will come up with a list of TODOs or resolutions each year. This year is no different. I have added two significant entries which relates to me preparing for the CCIE. I am really hoping that I'll be able to hit the nail in the coffin this year for the CCIE ;-).

1. I plan to have the written cleared before March 2009 (supposed to be in December 2008 but oh well)

2. I plan to have a first attempt at the lab in June 2009 (supposed to be in August 2009 but the mobile lab in Singapore have been rescheduled earlier) but again it will most likely be deferred to a later date.

Ohter than that, I am also preparing to write a non-technical article on how VOIP has helped me in my communication with family and friends for the CCIE Flyer. I hope to have positive or negative feedback from you guys on this.


Ethan Banks said...

I haven't got a clue what to write on the video IP theme for CCIE Flyer. Just not in my wheelhouse. I'm probably going in a different direction. Been working on an Nexus platform write-up, so I think I'll finish that up. But I don't think I can tie that article into video, other than to mention just how many streams you can push through a loaded Nexus 7000 chassis.

Although...I was running Cacti at the house yesterday, monitoring the bandwidth consumed while streaming video via a file share to the XBOX using XBMC. Maybe if I compare streaming video via SMB (what I'm doing now) vs. XBMS (I have no idea how to even set up)? Hmm, throw some WireShark captures in there, and that might be interesting. SMB is such a pig, that a purpose-built media streaming protocol should be a lot more efficient.

Nickelby said...

Mine won't be that technical though so I guess it's a lot more easier than coming up with a technical post.

I am however, very interested when your article on the Nexus comes out :-). Putting up some WireShark captures would be perfect. It gives the rest of us to play around with more packet captures :0