Saturday, August 9, 2008

CCIE with Olympics

Saturday morning ... still feeling very sick (still having slight fever, really bad cough and sore throat coupled with flu) but still very much in spirit to at least know what's going on in the CCIE community (even though not in the right frame for some serious reading) rather than just lying in bed staring at the wall.

I have gotten my ProctorLabs deal from IPExpert's Mike Down ( so that's 20 sessions of rack time for me and a cool ProctorLabs e-book! Pretty cool if you ask me :-) (yes!!! I have added another debt of USD $297.50 to my credit card :P). So to those who has taken up this generous offer, I believe we won't regret it. To those who didn't take the offer, well ... better luck next time ;-).

I have just finished viewing CCIE Agent's CCIEFlyer website ( It's a pretty cool website with information not really related to the technical aspects of CCIE but rather the 'social' part of it. Social??? Yes, you heard me right, social! (even though you and I know that CCIE-wannabes will frown at this word hehe). This means salaries of CCIEs around the world (still in progress), job advertisements, current trends, etc.

I also added another excellent blog by Brandon Carroll ( who is attempting his security lab in just days from now. He's an active tweeter too by the way ;-). Drop by and give him words of encouragement for his lab attempt. I hope that he'll ace the exam and will be able to tell us his CCIE number very soon.

Olympics are this month in Beijing, China so it would be very interesting to note how I can divide my time between work, Olympics and studies although I will admit the lure of the Olympics is mighty high. Sports always have something in common with CCIE. Determination, dedication and honesty. Think about it ... with all three on hand, your CCIE crown has just gotten a lot more closer to reality. That's what I keep telling myself!

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