Monday, July 27, 2009

CCIE Flyer July 2009 "Swimsuit Edition"

The CCIE Flyer July 2009 "Swimsuit Edition" is out now at I have wrote an article about my recent trip to the Kelantan state in Malaysia, a state which is governed by the opposition political party known as PAS which practices Islamic law and are very conservative people at times (or most of the times).

Kelantan is sort of a backward-place if you asked me since there isn't really much to see here. So why write an article on it? Kelantan may be a boring place to some but it does houses some of the largest Buddhist statues in the whole of South East Asia especially the very well-known Sleeping Buddha, Sitting Buddha and even the Standing Buddha. Look at my article in the CCIE Flyer for some pictures.

Now CCIE-wise, what have I been up to? Well to help me study, I recently purchased iFlipr for my iPhone. iFlipr is basically a flash-card application where you can download tonnes and tonnes of flashcards on a very wide broad of subjects which is actively maintained by its members. Thankfully, there are some great CCIE flash cards out there :-). At one point, I may begin to write my own flash cards :P.

Apart from that, I have been hitting Narbik's labs almost on a daily basis and will rent a month's worth of rack time in August with another CCIE candidate, Navfett. So August will be the month of 'racking' ;-).

I am currently trying to schedule for the CCIE 4.0 R&S Beta written exam but I have yet to see it on PearsonVUE's website. The only thing showing is a CCIE Beta Lab and it costs USD$99 so I don't think that's the one. Damn! I should have done the written earlier and schedule a cheap lab. Serves me right for always putting off the written :-)

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