Friday, February 6, 2009

IPExpert Offers Non-CCIE Courses

It looks like it is finally and officially announced. IPExpert (ok so I prefer to put the 'E' in capital ;-)) will be offering courses that are non-CCIE but instead focusing on the lower certifications like the CCNA, CCNP and a host of other certifications which are not Cisco-centric.

I have included the official announcement from IPExpert's blog at


IPexpert, Inc. Plans to Launch Sister Company - “IPexpert Training, Inc.” Focusing on the Lower-Level Certification Training Market

By Wayne Lawson II on Thursday, February 5, 2009 12:25

IPexpert Followers,

I thought I’d give all of you a “heads up” before our official site launches and the PR goes out (in approximately 2 to 3 weeks). We have been working diligently on analyzing the lower-level training space (over 1 year in the making) and have put together various classes and offerings that - we feel - will set us apart from the competition in that lower-level market (We did it - and did it well - with the hardest certification on the market - so I am confident that we can do so in this lower-level space!). Over the next few months you’ll begin seeing the following:

  • A separate brand named “IPexpert Training” (at that will be focused on CompTia, VMWare, CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCSP, CCVP and MCSE training products.
  • These classes / products will include self-study materials (Blended Learning), lab workbooks, Audio, Video on Demand, eBooks, quizzers, iPhone applications, ILT (traditional classroom-based training), online mentoring and online training classes - and will be priced very competitively. Students taking these classes will be eligible for a *significant* discount on all IPexpert, Inc. CCIE lab products as that will be their next progression (eventually). These classes will be delivered during the week - as our CCIE Lab classes are (from IPexpert) - however, we will also have weekend and even classes available online and at various locations.
  • An online community for these students.
  • A new blog for these students with industry experts (the IPexpert Training instructors and developers).
  • Proctor Labs vRack rental for these certifications (Cisco and Microsoft - VMWare down the road in Q2).

Here are a few things for you to know:

  • The IPexpert CCIE Team will not be participating in this initiative. We have created a 2nd “sister company” to leverage the IPexpert brand, however - our CCIE Lab efforts will not be diluted and our CCIE Instructors will remain focused on CCIE Lab training, product development and support. The IPexpert Training developers and instructors are different individuals who have already proven themselves in this different (lower-level) market.
  • There will be different websites, different communities and different “legal companies”. However, the management team and sales team will remain the same - giving you sales reps that understand technology and management that understands how to deliver a phenomenal product and ensure a successful delivery with a high customer satisfaction rating.
  • These classes will *NOT* be Cisco authorized and neither business unit will endorse or offer the Cisco 360 CCIE Lab offering. After understanding the 360 program, products and Cisco’s initiative - I have made the decision that the current CCIE Lab offerings we have (already shipping) are much more mature, proven, more up-to-date and more cost-effective for our clients.

Here’s how you can stay informed:

Follow IPexpert Training, Inc. on Twitter.

Join the IPexpert Training Facebook group.

Visit the IPexpert Training website and enter your email address - you will be notified of the site launch and will receive monthly news and product specials for that business entity.

More to come soon!

Thanks! - Wayne


With the latest offering from IPExpert, I am sure we are going to see a handful of non-CCIE courses from other CCIE training companies very soon. Let's hope all the prices are affordable to all of us in this current economy crisis. Now who wants to sponsor me for my written and lab? :-)

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